Can all players remember to comply with Covid safe regulations. Please arrive changed for the game, with food and snacks. Please bring sanitiser if you have it too.

Saturday July 25th, 1pm start. Meet Edenside 11.45am

Carlisle First XI v Wigton, (H), T20 x 2, Cumbria Cricket League.

1. M Slack

2. B Davidson

3. C Hutchinson

4. M Brown - capt

5. J Davidson - wk

6. A Raybould

7. P Hindmarch

8. J Lythgoe

9. J Musgrave

10. H Walker

11. F Conn

Saturday July 25th, 2pm start, meet 1.15pm.

Carlisle Second XI v Rockliffe (A), EVCL.

1. J Oultram

2. C Westmorland

3. J Whinn

4. P Glascott

5. J Stirling

6. O Bradley - capt

7. J McAlindon

8. A Trickett - wk

9. T Reay

10. P Fraser

11. L Westmorland